Want a Successful Website?

There are 3 secrets for a successful website:

  1. FINDABILITY – will the website be readily found for the searches your prospects use on Google?
  2. USABILITY – will the website be easy to use, for visitors to readily find the Products or Services they are looking for?
  3. MARKETABILITY – will your Product or Service offerings appear attractive and competitive to your prospects?

We can take care of #1 & #2, while #3 is your responsibility.

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Want Your Website to show on Google’s Page #1?

  • Websites that are well Optimized for Search Engines appear on the 1st. search results page.
  • The “Non-Paid-for Organic or Natural” search results are determined by the Google “Spider”, based on how well the many required SEO parameters have been configured.
  • Search Engine Rankings are not based on how large or old the business is, rather on how well it has been optimized.

Call us if you want to be on Google’s Page #1.

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Want Your Website to be Highly Usable?

Usability is not “Rocket Science” – if you know what to do

  • We have been making websites highly usable for over 20 years for many high-end clients
  • Usability does not require a rebuilding of the website, only improving it based on expertise & experience
  • Good Usability requires ensuring use-case scenarios are clear and efficient to the visitor and require a full testing the website

Call us for a “Quality Control” testing of your website!

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The value of 1st. Page Google Organic SEO Rankings

Getting listed within the Top 10 (1st. Page) on Google or any other major SEs is key to success and only websites that have been optimized for SEs obtain it. There is a huge difference in business results obtained by having a listing appear on the First page of a Search Engine, versus a listing on successive pages.

Recent statistics indicate that 85% of all visitors click to a website showing on Google’s 1st. page, 10% click on websites on the 2nd. page, the remaining 5% click on websites on or beyond the 3rd. page, thus only a very few websites listed on Page 3 or lower, ever receive any visitors.

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