Search Engine Rankings

What criteria are used by SEs to determine Rankings?

The reason people use Search Engines is to find the best source for what they are looking for, be it products, services, news or information. To that end the Search Engines "spider" the full contents of Websites they find and determine which website has the most important, relevant, current, comprehensive and well respected content available.

The rankings are assigned not to a single search phrase, rather to any number of phrases the Search Engine determines are relevant to a specific webpage of each website that was "spidered".

How are Rankings kept and presented by the SEs?

When a search query is entered into the SE search box, you are shown with many thousands of results in a matter of a second or less, which would be impossible to accomplish if the SE had to analyze webpage contents in Real Time. The only way even the most powerful super-computers used by the SEs can accomplish such a task, is by the use of rapidly accessible "Index" tables built by the algorithms used. The Search Engines create a specific designated "Index" table for each and every search phrase it has ever found and identified on any webpage and it then "catalogs" those webpages in its "Index", ranked in order of its importance, relevance and comprehensiveness as compared to all other webpages it has already cataloged.

The value of 1st. Page Google Organic SEO Rankings

Getting listed within the Top 10 listings showing on Google's 1st. Page (or on one of the other 2 Primary SEs Yahoo or Bing) is your key to success and only websites that have been optimized for SEs will obtain those high Rankings. There is a huge difference in business results obtained by having a listing appear on the 1st. page of a Search Engine, versus a listing on successive pages.

Recent Industry statistics indicate that 85% of people searching for a product or service will click to a website showing on the 1st. search page results, only 10% will actually view the search results on the 2nd. page, while the remaining 5% will peruse the 3rd. page or beyond, therefore all websites listed on Page 3 or beyond ever receive a very few visitors.

Do SEO Rankings Change over time?

During the early years of the Internet getting positioned on SEs has been relatively easy and if the necessary "Basics" were properly coded in your website source code (i.e. Title, Description, Meta-Tags & Keyword Phrases) your website was very likely to appear high on search engines, depending on the number of websites that were targeting those same search phrases.

Since 2010 getting positioned within the Top 10 listing on Google, Yahoo or Bing for a 2-3 word phrase has become much more difficult. One word (generic) phrases are nearly impossible to attain unless you are a major player like Amazon, Ebay or NBC and had the website on the Internet for a long time.

White-Hat vs. Black-Hat SEO Techniques

Most website owners who possessed high search engine Rankings in earlier years, are puzzled when those Rankings deteriorate or disappear completely over time. The reason is that the simplistic or fake search engine components that may have worked before, are no longer working due to these major aspects, namely:

  1. Competitiveness
    Search Engine positioning has proven to be critical for business success, namely every business in each market niche is competing with every other business for higher rankings. So if a business was the only one offering a product or service before and having top Rankings, has to compete with other businesses for the same Rankings when the Market Segment widens and becomes highly competitive.
  2. Trying to "Game" the SEs
    Search Engine engineers are continually battling the "Black-Hat" SEO practitioners who try to scam or "game" the SE Spiders to attain high rankings for unscrupulous website operators using fake content or use false techniques to gain higher Rankings than the websites that have relevant valuable content. These techniques enabled a website to attain high rankings for search phrases that did not conform to the ranking formulas established by the Search Engines to rank websites based on relevant and quality content related to the search terms.
  3. Google Updates to improve the Rankings algorithms
    In order to make the ranking results more fair and more difficult to manipulate, Google has implemented a series of well publicized updates, like the well-known "Panda" and Penguin" and others designed to filter out websites that were trying to fake the Ranking algorithms. In prior years there were many so called "Black-Hat" tricks to fool the Search Engines into granting high rankings to . The updates were designed to filter out, lower the Rankings or even completely De-List websites using fake techniques that did not conform to the ranking formulas established by the Search Engines by trying to "game" the system, instead of providing true quality search results.

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