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"We" are Robert Baron
and occasional project staff as needed for projects.

I have a Ph.D. in Human Computer Interfaces (HCI) and my professional focus is making websites work for businesses.

With the intense competition on the Internet, just having a well-designed and well-functioning website is no longer sufficient for success.

Search Engine Optimization is critical to be able to get the attention of prospects and Usability ensures that the visitors will readily find what they are looking for, whether its a purchase, specific detailed information or other content.

My SEO Experience

On the Net since 1994, I learned early-on that the newest technologies did not always create then best results.

I created my proprietary methodology to optimize websites for Search Engines, as well as evaluate and recommend website usability improvements.

This enables me to provide inexpensive and readily actionable recommendations to make websites work for a business.

My SEO Approach

Due to my low overhead I can offer the best possible ROI for my clients. Doing one project at a time enables me to deliver the results on time and stay fully focused on each client's objectives.

Using my decades of consulting and human factors experience enables me to take-on the experience level of the target-user population and evaluate the website's usability relative the real user's experience levels.

My pragmatic, task-oriented approach enables me to focus on both SEO and Usability which are in effect intertwined:

  • The detailed, actionable deliverable enables client management to easily implement the identified issues.
  • The item-by-item report pinpoints the issues for the site programmers for quick access and resolution.
  • The usability report provides the highest value possible for a modest investment, delivered on-time and within budget.

I only work with a few clients at a time to be able to completely focus and I don't use employees or sub-contractors for that simple reason. This allows me to dedicate my full attention to my clients and ensure full cooperation between myself, the business's marketing & website development team.

Call Me - Let's See How I Can Help Your Business...

If you eMail me 3-5 Search Phrases you would like to Rank-for and 3-5 URLs of your primary competitors, I will do a complimentary SEO Rankings report to show you how you are positioned on the Web.

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