Search Engine Optimization

3 steps are necessary to appear on Google's 1st. page for searches:

  1. Choosing the right search phrases
  2. Creating relevant content
  3. Configuring all the technical optimization details correctly

Effective UIX Configuration

4 Elements are the best approach for optimal UIX:

  1. Clear Navigation using relevant terms
  2. Clearly written content
  3. No broken links or missing pages
  4. Fast loading pages

Website Quality Control

The best websites are ones that went through a thorough and independent Quality Control testing process in order to:

  1. Ensure all Web or eMail links work correctly
  2. Absence of logical, grammatic or spelling errors
  3. Clear logic flow of content


SEO is not just a project, its actually an ongoing process. Since a Google Ranking that a website gains, is a ranking another website loses, SEO is an ongoing competition, that needs to be worked on continually, if you want to keep the gains you have already achieved. In over 12 years of full-time SEO consulting practice I found that all projects required an initial focused effort till the site was optimized and submitted to the SEs for rankings, later followed by an ongoing part-time process of adding new content, watching the competition to stay ahead of their gains and increasing the number of incoming links from partners, news, articles or other Web content. In all cases, SEO has been by far the best investment any client could make to increase their business results from the Web.

Usability Improvements

Usability starts with defining the preferable alternative user scenarios and tracing each and every one to ensure an easy path for a visitor to complete every one. The process starts with understanding the Web experience of the typical visitor and tracing all paths to ensure the best possible experience and website functionality.

Let Me Show You How I Can Help Your Business

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